Eyebrows make the most significant difference to a person’s face.

No one’s face is symmetrical, therefore we must achieve the illusion of symmetry where, in reality, none exists.

In order to make the correct eyebrow shape, we first assess your bone structure, muscles and fat deposits around the bone, and then match the shape of the eyebrow to the shape of the bone. The “new” eyebrow is designed using a special brown pencil, which gives us a very defined image for both shape and position and provides the template for the micro-pigmentation process.

We will then choose a colour pigment – or possibly a range of pigments – to match and/or blend in with your hair and skin tones.

Make-Up Process

Method 1 – The coloured pigments are applied using a special electronic micro-pigmentation machine, which deposits the pigments in the dermal layer of skin via a number of minute, sterile needles.

Method 2 – If you suffer from thin or missing brows due to excess plucking, pale hair colour or alopecia, we can create a realistic and natural looking brow line. This can be done either in addition to, or as an alternative to the process described in Method 1.

The process is very similar – however, each eyebrow hair is created individually by hand. The process is very exact and requires a high degree of skill & experience. (Think of painting with a single bristle brush!).

Note: As the skin will be pierced, a topical, local anaesthetic gel is applied before & during the procedure, so that little or no pain is felt.

The colour can appear up to 40% darker than the required shade, for the first week or so as we have to go through the top layers of skin in order to implant the colour in the bottom layers of skin. However, this will fade, since the top layers of skin are “dead”, they will exfoliate naturally, taking some of the colour with them. This varies from person to person, but, the moredead skin, the more colour loss. It is sometimes necessary to make a second application of pigments to achieve the desired colour. We can also make any minor adjustments to the shape & definition of the new eyebrow at this time.

The intention is to create eyebrows which look absolutely natural. We advise against using over strong colours and bold, angular shapes.

If you would like to know more about the micro-pigmentation equipment we use, please have a look at the manufacturer’s website: link

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