Permanent Make-Up

Permanent Make-up – or more correctly – Semi Permanent Make-Up, is the process of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into dermal layer of the skin. It is a very precise procedure and generally irreversible. It is therefore important that you put your trust in the hands of a very well-trained permanent makeup specialist. The end result depends to a great extent on the type of equipment used by the artist.

Helpful Information

How long does Semi Permanent make-up last?

Semi permanent make-up is considered permanent since the implanted pigment cannot be washed off. In time, fading will occur and some, or all of the colour will need to be reapplied. Semi permanent make-up can last for up to five years – it really depends on the individual & their skin type.

Does Semi Permanent Make-up hurt?

For most people it isn’t a problem. For others it can be a little uncomfortable depending on the individual’s pain threshold. However, anaesthetic creams are applied prior and throughout treatment to keep any discomfort to a minimum.

Is Semi Permanent make-up safe?

Yes, the strictest hygiene and sterilisation standards are followed and new, pre-packed, sterile needles are used for each client. No chemicals are used, only minerals and glycerine. Clients are given an allergy test prior to treatment.


Who can benefit from Semi Permanent make-up?

Basically, anyone and everyone who desires to enhance their facial features in a natural way. Semi permanent make – up gives freedom from the daily application of make-up.

For many years, Semi Permanent make – up was only for professional women, entertainers, media figures, models, actresses etc or indeed anyone who is constantly in the public eye. Now, thanks to new technology in equipment & pigments, every woman can benefit – and at an affordable price.

However, there are particular advantages for certain groups of people with certain conditions:
  • Alopecia sufferers who have lost some or all their facial hair including eyebrows or eyelashes.
  • Chemotherapy patients who may loose facial hair would benefit from semi permanent make-up before or after treatment.
  • Vision impaired people who have difficulty applying make-up.
  • People with unsteady hands who cannot apply make-up because of Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease etc.
  • Anyone who may suffer allergies with conventional make-up.
  • Birthmarks, operation scars.

NB: Semi Permanent make–up is NOT a panacea. It cannot solve the underlying problem, but it can often hide it.

Semi Permanent make-up after care procedures

You may resume your normal activities straight after treatment. There may be slight swelling or redness on the area, which will subside quickly. The treated area will always appear darker and the lines more exact immediately after the treatment. However, this will lighten and soften after a few days. There may be slight flaking over the area during healing.

Your semi permanent make-up may need a completion visit 10-14 days after initial application of pigment, to adjust shape, colour or density.

Other guidelines for getting the best from your permanent makeup will be given to you after your treatment.

  • Treated area will be more exact, dark and intense when first treated.
  • The skin will take 3-7 days to return to normal.
  • It is normal to loose 1/3 of the colour during this initial period.
  • Always use a sunscreen on make-up to prevent colour change and loss.